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3M™ Friction Shims

A major automotive supplier relies of 3M™ Friction Shims with a special design.

Where we started

3M™ and extensive knowledge of specific properties and strengths of 3M™ friction-increasing solutions, especially when compared to the competitors.

Project goals

From the outset, it was clear from our cooperation that one of the central requirements for the development of the module could safely be solved by using 3M™: maximum increase in the coefficient of friction between the sprocket and the crankshaft. With hard particles incorporated in the chemical nickel coating, 3M™ Friction Shims are able to achieve a four-fold increase in performance, compared to other components without friction increase (friction values between 0.60 and 0.70). This difference represents a significant advantage for the power of the engine under comparable conditions.

In addition to the improved performance of the engine, the prevention of "slippage”, which was clearly improved by using the friction increase, could not be underestimated by the engine manufacturers. Slipping components may cause the greatest damage imaginable: a total engine failure.

Therefore, the aim of the friction increasing measures is always to ensure maximum performance while maintaining maximum safety, which can be successfully achieved by using 3M™ Friction Shims.

Requirements and challenges

In cooperation with our clients, the 3M Design engineers developed the gradient and the design of the shims. Due to the high surface quality of the mating materials, Type 10 hard particles with a particularly fine diamond particle size were selected.

The customer's central requirement, however, was less in the specific composition of the material but in the corresponding adaptation of the shim as a functional component of the assembly. In order to combine an optimal connection with the most efficient assembly, a number of different dimensions and solutions based on "two-dimensional" shims were tested in close cooperation with the customer. Finally, a decision was made to use 3D shims in the assembly module. The essential adaptation of the shims was to equip them with three tabs with which the shims are simply clipped onto the sprocket.

Project process and conclusion

Decades of experience of cooperation with the automotive industry resulted in superb levels of quality awareness at 3M™, in finely-tuned knowledge of concrete process sequences and coordination procedures as well as in our commitment to cooperate throughout the entire process cycle. The 3M™ special strengths are found first and foremost in our technical support and customer service. This is triggered from the moment a sales contact is made with our use of competent technicians.

In this way, both parties will quickly find a solution in the selection and dimensions of the Friction Shims in order to achieve the required friction increase in the component.

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