3M Technical Ceramics
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3M™ Silicon Carbide Sliding Bearings (previously EKasic® bearings) have a proven track record in pumps plant and process engineering.
For example in:

  • Hermetically sealed pumps (e.g. centrifugal and gear pumps)
  • Stirrers


Thanks to the specific properties of sintered silicon carbide materials, the 3M™ Silicon Carbide Sliding Bearings can even operate in waters, acids and strong alkalis. The high hardness crushes foreign particles in the process fluid. If there is a risk of dry running, the bearings can also be coated, e.g. with DLC (=diamond-like carbon) coatings.

3M™ Silicon Carbide materials also offer outstanding specific properties for use in sliding bearings:

3M™ Silicon Carbide type F: the standard material with high hardness and good corrosion constancy

3M™ Silicon Carbide type C: the corrosion resistant material with high hardness and good tribological properties

3M™ Silicon Carbide type G: the material with improved load-bearing characteristics and suitability for short-term dry running