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For sealing compressors, gas-lubricated mechanical seals have proven to be the most economical solution. They operate on the basis of the contact-free relative movement of the rotor and stator at extremely high speeds and with a minimum gap size. Microstructures introduced into the running surface provide the “air cushion” that allows contact-free rotation. The crucial advantages are no maintenance and minimum leakage: For this application, 3M™ offers 3M™ Silicon Carbide and 3M™ Silicon Nitride Gas Seal Rings for use in gas-lubricated mechanical seals.

3M™ Silicon Carbide Gas Seal Rings type T plus

3M™ Silicon Nitride Gas Seal Rings type T plus offer an impressive combination of properties:

  • High mechanical strength
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • High stiffness
  • Corrosion resistance

Custom Modifications

As additional services, 3M™ can microstructure the gas seal rings and perform DLC coating for the start-up phase to customer specifications.