3M Technical Ceramics
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To transmit high torques and shear forces via single bolt connections, 3M™ Friction Shims (previously: EKagrip® friction shims from ESK) offer a simple, reliable and compact alternative to conventional solutions involving large-size bolt or multiple bolt joints or expensive and complicated interlocking connections.


The superior properties of 3M™ friction-enhancing shims have a proven track record in automotive engines and drive trains, in bolt joints in mechanical engineering and industrial applications, such as: Single bolt joints on the crankshaft and cam shaft Vibration-resistant, durable flange connections Improving the performance of components and assemblies without changing the basic design Simple and reliable housing fastenings For these and many others applications, 3M™ offers simple, reliable solutions tailored to customer requirements. They enable favorable designs with high power density.

Customized Solutions

3M™’s mission is to offer the ideal solution for any customer requirement. Besides tried-and-tested 3M™ friction-enhancing coatings, our specialists are also continously developing customized designs and solutions for frictional joint elements. With our extensive industrial facilities and profound experience in this field, we can produce innovations and solutions that can be rapidly commercially exploited.