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Multicomponent evaporation boats for metallizing applications

Accurate - Reliable - Durable

3M™ evaporations boats of titanium diboride (TiB2), boron nitride (BN), or aluminum nitride (AlN) are suitable for a variety of metallizing applications. The material specification is according to hot resistivity as this ensures the highest accuracy of resistance at working temperature, highest process consistency and full reliability.

The multicomponent evaporations boats of 3M™ meets up to individual metallization requirements at high web-speed on all modern vacuum coaters.

They are available for standard solutions as well as long boats and boat for ultra thin coatings. All evaporations boats have a long service life and excellent wetting behavior.

3M™ Evaporation Boat LaserMet™

The 3M™ LaserMet evaporation boat (previously LaserMet™ evaporation boat from ESK) with patented lasering surface treatment improves initial wetting for easy boat break-in. Aluminum wets this 2-component boat along the whole lasered surface, which has higher TiB2 content.

  • Superior initial wetting behavior
  • Larger working surface for increased evaporation rate
  • Shorter initial heat-up cycle
  • High optical density
  • High web-speed

3M™ Evaporation Boat DiMet™

Our DiMet™ evaporation boat is a two-component boat of titanium diboride (TiB2) and boron nitride (BN). DiMet™ evaporation boats provide high evaporation rates in combination with a long life time.Our 3M™ Evaporation Boat DiMet™ is an excellent all-around solution for all metallization processes. This 2-component boat can be used at high web-speed on all modern vacuum coaters.

  • High evaporation rate of at least 0,35 g · min-1 · cm-2
  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • High optical density
  • High web-speed

3M™ Evaporation Boat TriMet™

Our 3M™ Evaporation Boat TriMet™ is made from our 3-component material. It can be used on all generations of vacuum coaters and is very easy to handle even for inexperienced operators.

  • Suitable for all machine generations
  • Evaporation rate of 0,25 g · min-1 · cm-2
  • Easy control of operating parameters
  • Only possible alternative for boats longer than 200 mm