3M Technical Ceramics
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The textile industry has a long tradition of wear-protecting coatings and this has become the feature that distinguishes a high-quality system from inferior copies. 3M™’s mechanical and plant engineers are ongoing partners to the open end and ring spinning textile industry, offering exclusive solutions as necessary.

Competitive Advantages thanks to Exclusive Coatings

3M™ offers complete or partial coating of components or wires with 3M™ electroless nickel composites with the controlled incorporation of inorganic hard substances. Customized selection of the incorporated substances is one of 3M™'s core competences as a manufacturer of grain-size classes and fractions.

Innovative Tribological Systems for Processing Abrasive Yarns

The growth in the processing of abrasive yarns puts new demands on existing tribological systems. 3M™ supports customers through the application-specific improvement of their tribological systems. Our customers can benefit from 3M™'s development department, the many years of experience of our partners and our comprehensively equipped central lab.

Job Coating of Customer Parts is characterized by:

  • Homogeneous particle distribution
  • Dimensional accuracy of the layer thickness
  • The coating maintains the exact profile of the substrate
  • Reproducibility of the coating
  • Tracing of batches
  • Extremely short lead times
  • Delivery reliability