3M Technical Ceramics
Zweigniederlassung der 3M Deutschland GmbH

Wherever components must be reliably joined together to transmit forces and torques, 3M™ Electroless Nickel Composite Component Coatings (previously EKagrip® Electroless Nickel Component Coatings) provide simple, reliable and technically mature solutions. With 3M™ Friction Enhancing Electroless Nickel Component Coatings, 3M™ provides friction-enhancing coatings that permit lighter and more compact designs without compromises in force or torque transmission, for example in shaft/collar connections or interference fits. The coefficient of static friction of surfaces can be increased in a controlled way and adjusted to the surface roughness of the contact surfaces by choosing narrow tolerances for the grain size and protrusion of the hard substances from the electroless nickel matrix.


The 3M™ coatings have proven themselves millions of times in general mechanical engineering, in machine tools, marine engineering, wind and water power generators, turbines, automotive engineering and motor sports.


3M™ Electroless Nickel Composite Coatings are characterized by:

  • Microscale interlocking with the joint surfaces
  • Adjustable and reproducible surface properties
  • Contour retaining coating of the substrate
  • Enables weight and packaging-optimized designs
  • Static friction increase up to a factor of 4
  • Easy assembly and resassembly