3M Technical Ceramics
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Chemical properties

Formula TiB₂
Molecular weight 69.54 g/mol
Crystalline structure hexagonal

Inert in the presence of molten non-ferrous metals

Physical properties

Specification Weight 4.52 g/cm³

High electrical conductivity

Thermal properties

Maximum working temperature 800 °C in an oxidizing atmosphere
2,400 °C in an inert atmosphere
Melting point > 3,200 °C

Good temperature resistance

Manufacture and form

Titanium diboride (TiB₂) is manufactured from the raw materials boron oxide, titanium oxide and carbon in an arc furnace at temperatures above 2,400 °C. Concurrently, the following reaction takes place.

B₂O₃ + TiO₂ + 5 C → TiB₂ + 5 CO

The resultant gray-silver crystals are separated from unreacted material, ground and classified in further preparation steps. Depending on its further use, the material is ground until in the micron range.

Titanium diboride (TiB₂) is probably the most important metal boride technically. As a transition metal boride, it has extraordinarily high hardness, a high melting point and outstanding electrical conductivity.

  • These properties qualify it for use in hot press-molded composite materials with excellent electrical conductivity. Examples are evaporation boats for continuous aluminum metallizing.
  • In addition, TiB2 powder is used as a raw material for hot press-molded ceramic components, such as sputter targets.