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Chemical properties

Chemical formula CaB₆
Molecular weight 104,95 g/mol
Crystalline structure cubic

Physical properties

Specification Weight 2.45 g/cm³
Extreme hardness 8 - 9 mohs

Thermal properties

Melting point 2,235 °C

Manufacture and form

CaB6 is produced in an arc melting process from CaO und B₂O₃ via carbothermic reduction.

CaO + B₂O₃ + 5 C → CaB₆ + 5 CO₂

The large blocks produced at the same time are reduced by means of a number of grinding stages to a powder with defined particle size. Depending on its further use, the material is ground until in the micron range.

  • Deoxidation agent, e.g. for copper smelting (advantage: no effect on the electrical conductivity of copper)
  • Reduction agent, e.g. fireproof material in steel production
  • Doping agent (boronization), e.g. for manufacturing steels containing boron

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