3M Technical Ceramics
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Chemical properties

Formula BN
Molecular weight 24.83 g/mole
Crystalline structure hexagonal

High chemical stability and chemically inert

Physical properties of hexagonal BN

Specific weight 2.27 g/cm³
Electrical insulator
Low hardness Mohs hardness 1

Good slip even at high temperatures

Thermal properties

Melting point 2700°C
Thermal conductivity up to 400 W/m*K (for single crystals)
Resistance to oxidation up to 1000°C

Manufacture and form

  • Hexagonal boron nitride shaped parts are manufactured in a hot press-molding process at high temperature and high pressure (sintered).
  • Powder synthesis takes place at a high temperature in an inert atmosphere. Powders are processed to different granulate types, spray granulate, construction granulate, etc.).
  • Finishes, suspensions and pastes are formulated from pastes with solvents (water or on an ethyl alcohol base).
  • Boron nitride powder and granulates as a thermally conducting but also electrically isolating filler for polymers (thermoplastics, duroplastics, elastomers, resins)
  • As a sintering body in mechanical and system engineering (focus on high-temperature applications)
  • As a mixture ceramic, e.g. in evaporator boats for metallizing systems and as components in steel castings (side-dams, break rings)
  • As an isolating agent for aluminum extrusion (dummy blocks)
  • Isolation agent and lubricant for high-temperature applications in the aluminum industry in the form of suspensions, finishes or pastes
  • Boron nitride powder as an isolation and lubricant additive for oils and greases
  • Boron nitride powder as an additive in decorative cosmetic formulations (powder, mascara, eyeliner, etc.)
  • Boron nitride powder for cubic boron nitride synthesis